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Service Children in State Schools

The Voice of Schools - Supporting Service Children in England


Useful Contacts

Defence Children Services (DCS)

The DCS Vision is that we Educate the Child – Support the Family – Defend the Nation.

Defence Children Services has responsibility for the functions, in support of service families related to education and care, previously undertaken by Defence Children and Young People (DCYP).


DCS provides a single focus for all issues related to Service children and young people, providing high-quality education at 22 schools and settings in locations around the world. DCS also directly supports Service families, providing advice on a wide range of educational matters both overseas and in the UK, delivered by specialist education and advisory teams.


The Education Advisory Team (EAT UK) (contactable at

The Education Advisory Team is part of DCS. It provides professional information, advice and guidance regarding the education of Service Children in the UK.


EAT also provides advice and guidance for service personnel and eligible MOD civilians regarding education and education-related issues, such as retention of Service Family Accommodation, the Continuity of Education Allowance & the Special Educational Needs Addition, Special Educational Needs and School Admissions.


The Overseas Education and Supportability Team (OEST)​ (

The Overseas Education and Supportability Team (OEST) provides professional information, advice and guidance for service personal and eligible MOD civilians regarding the education of their children in overseas locations. OEST also provides educational advice and support for overseas commands and DCS schools and settings.


This team coordinates the educational supportability assessment process for overseas postings, in respect of children with Special Educational Needs and those for whom parents have selected Elective Home Education.


MOD Safeguarding Partnership Board

The SPB is the lead strategic pan-defence partnership that is responsible for ensuring consistent and rigorous approaches to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people across defence. The Partnership Board is responsible for reviewing progress and assessing strengths and areas for development in the safeguarding system. The SPB works within the principles of the Children and Social Work Act 2017 and Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018. 


Global Safeguarding Team (Contactable at

The GST provide specialist advice, support and direction in respect of all matters relating to safeguarding children and young people. 


Army Families Federation (AFF)

01264 382324

Naval Families Federation (NFF)

02392 654374

RAF Families Federation

Soldier, Sailors and Airman's Families Federation

020 7403 8783