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Service Children in State Schools

The Voice of Schools - Supporting Service Children in England


Voice of Schools Project

We were really overwhelmed by a very positive response to our Voice of Schools survey that was launched in June 2020. Despite travelling through the COVID-19 Pandemic, school leaders and pastoral staff shared their views with us on how schools are able to support Service children across England.

The results of the survey revealed interesting trends for us as an organisation and, thanks to Tiller Research, we are able to present both the full report and an executive summary at the links further down the page.

As a result of the information shared by schools the SCISS NEAC have been able to: 

  1. Create an action plan and communicate with our key partners the ways in which they could better support schools so that they have a direct impact on improving experiences and opportunities for children and young people.

  2. Use the feedback to communicate with policy makers to continue to advocate for schools and Service children and strengthen the relationship schools have with the MOD and their Service Communities

  3. Share with a wide range of stakeholders the work carried out by schools across England

We know that supporting Service children is ever-changing and at times challenging. The SCISS NEAC remain strongly committed to ensure that this group of children receive the best that our schools can provide. Thank you SCISS schools, for all that you do in supporting these children.